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How advertising on our page works

Advertising on KUNDALINI CHORDS is pretty straight forward. You want your newest release to get attention? we help you get it! For a set amount we will show a banner on the pages of our site.

What you can advertise

You may advertise your work linking to streaming services or online stores. Songs and albums, but also general brand (artist) awareness can be advertised. This will usually look like an image, gif or video that opens a desired page when clicked.

What you can NOT advertise

  • Events
  • Teachers Trainings
  • Locations
  • Products


  1. Contact with your inquiry and the subject “Advertise”.
  2. We will let you know if any spots are available at the moment and about the costs.
  3. After finding a deal that works for all, design and format requirements of the banners will be sent to you.


At the moment one banner costs about 2€/Day. Note that this amount may vary depending on the demand.