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Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is in the making, but for now, you will find the most important things below. By using our website you agree to our privacy policy.

We do NOT track you

This site does not use Google Analytics or any other tracking software. There is no third party involved besides the music players which you can read about in the Cookies section.

For your information: EVERY Web server collects statics about a websites usage. This is automatically done by our hosting provider and cannot be turned off. It will tell us which pages are visited how often, from which device and the browser.


Like most websites we use cookies. Again, nothing to track you, but only to make the website work. These are called technical/functional cookies. For example, one cookie will check for suspicious activity to prevent spam and fraud on this website.

If you view a page that has any Music Player (e.g. Spotify) embeded, third party cookies by Spotify will be used. This serves to check if you have a Spotify account and are allowed to listen to more than just the thirty second preview of each song. Spotify may retrieve other data that we do not know about. If you wish to prevent Spotify and other streaming services from setting cookies, please disable cookies in your browser altogether before visiting this website.

We do NOT hold personal data about you

Since we decided to stay away from contact forms, donation forms and any other place where you might enter your personal data, we cannot retrieve any data about you.