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Submit a Mantra

You have a Mantra that we don’t have on the website yet, Great! Here’s how to send it to us:

  1. Write down the entire lyrics of the Mantra in a text editor of your choice (e. g. Word or Pages)
  2. Note down the chords inside [square brackets] inline with the lyrics. Keeping this format is very important and will save us a lot of time. Here’s an example:
[C]Oh my beloved [F]kindness of the [C]heart
[F]breath of [C]life I [G]bow to [C]you
[C]Ong [G]Na[C]mo Guru [F]Dev [G]Na[C]mo
  1. You may now either attach the file in your email, or paste the content directly into your email.
  2. Include the Artist, Album, Mantra and a link to the Mantra on one of the major Music Distribution Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes or SikhNet Gurbani Media Center). Without this information we will not be able to check your submission and it can not be published!
  3. That’s it! Give your email the subject “Chord Submission: MantraName – ArtistName“. E. g. “Chord Submission: Ong Namo – Snatam Kaur”

The email to send the chords to is